Merci, pardon

Merci, pardon

Premiere on  October 21 2017 in Festival l'Européene de cirques in la Grainerie / Toulouse
Indoor performance - 1 hour

The creation of Merci, Pardon started in the form of challenges, confrontations with ourselves. What are the issues that cross our lives? What would we fear to live on stage? What challenges could we dare? We think that it is worthwhile to go on stage only to live there something strong and with the firm intention to share it. That's why we needed to go scratching where it hurts. To share our greatest fears and our greatest weaknesses. Those that make us definitely human. To make the audience travels from one emotion to another, from one register to another. From writing to improvising, from the beautiful to the strange, from laughter to bitter, from reality to fiction. Here is our stake: to write a show from all the richness of our lives and our experiences. To choose not to lock ourself in a single form of show, only one way to do it. To consider everything in order to express everything. Humans are beautiful and ugly, magnificent and ridiculous. That's how we're on stage.

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Cécile Bellan
Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245