Acolytes is an office for the production and distribution of live shows. Since 1997, our offices are located in Balma (Toulouse), within the Grainerie-Fabrique des Arts du Circus and Roaming. In this dynamic environment Acolytes has become over the years an essential link in the circus sector in Occitania, at the heart of Circassian artistic creation and the vitality of this territory.

In a changing environment and a more fragile economic context, Acolytes is witnessing the history of the development of the new circus and its porosity with other arts (choreographic circus, puppetry, dance ..). The team has been able to anchor itself in the evolution of this sector, demonstrating an ability to adapt.

Acolytes defend a circus of creation, in the application of hydride projects, demanding, contemporary. This artistic line evolves according to the meetings and the choice of accompaniment. We accompany the journey of artists or companies and consider these collaborations as long-term human adventures.
Our experience and our skills in administration, production and distribution are at the service of artists and their projects. Acolytes also provides skills transfer missions, particularly to artists in the process of professionalization.
Our vision of the business leads us to ensure a permanent news of the news and the evolution of the sector of the live show and to question our practices to answer a need for follow-up, professionalization and development of the companies.

The experiences within the European projects led by the Grainerie, confirms us in our positioning.
Formidable levers for reflection, the confrontation of practices, contexts, they are always sources of encounters abroad.
To extend this approach Acolytes integrated in 2017 the Relais Culture Europe Nursery.


Currently, Acolytes is associated with the following projects:
Cirque Hirsute since 2006 (broadcast),
Collective G.Bistaki since 2010 (administration, production, diffusion),
Blick Theater since 2012 (administration, production, diffusion),
Marta Torrents since 2013 (administration, production, diffusion),
Company Two since 2016 (administration, production, distribution).
HappyFace since 2016 (broadcast),
Nicanor de Elia - Garage29 since 2016 (administration, production, distribution).
Oktober since 2016 (administration, production, diffusion).
Piergiorgio Milano since 2016 (broadcast),

Other accompaniments made:
The Güms (2015-2017),
The Biphase Collective (2016-2017),
Fet a Ma (2011-2014),
Cirk'Oblique (2010-2012),
Empty Company (2007-2014),
Ieto (2007-2009),
Tennis (2006-2011),
Collectif Prêt à Porter (2004-2014),
Collectif Petit Travers (2004-2009),
Cie 111 (2001-2004),
Wind of Autan (1999-2002),
Steps in Round (1999-2007),
Vis à vis (1998-2001),
The Acrostiches (1998-2009),
Genre of Circus (1997-1999)