Acolytes is a production and distribution house for performing arts. Since 1997, our offices are located in the Grainerie-Fabrique for circus and traveling shows in Balma (Toulouse). Over the years in this dynamic environment, Acolytes has become an essential link in the circus sector in Occitania, at the heart of artistic circus creation  and of the vitality in this region.

In a fluctuating environment and a constantly more fragile financial context, Acolytes bears witness to the developmental history of the New Circus and its opening on other art forms (choreographic circus, puppetry, dance…) Demonstrating its adaptability, the team is anchored in the evolution of this sector.   

Acolytes champions a creative circus, choosing demanding contemporary hybrid projects. This artistic line evolves with the groups we meet and choose to represent. We accompagny the career of individual artists or of companies and consider these collaborations as so many long-term human adventures.   

We put our experience and our skills in administration, production and distribution at the service of artists and of their projects. The Acolytes approach always includes the transmission of proficiency so as to insure the appropriation of practices, especially with artists in the process of professionalization.

Our vision of our craft leads us to a permanent vigil on new features and on the evolution of the live performance network, as well as to the re-examination of our practices so as to best answer the needs in follow-up, professionalization and development of the companies.   

The experiences conducted in the European projects led by La Grainerie confirm us in our positioning.  
As tremendous levers for reflection, comparison in practices and contexts, they are always sources of meetings beyond our borders. 
In order to extend this approach, Acolytes joined the Pépinière du Relais Culture Europe in 2017.


Acolytes is currently associated with the following projects: 

Cirque Hirsute since 2006 (distribution, production)
Marta Torrents since 2013 (administration, production, distribution)
HappyFace since 2016 (dstribution)
Cie JUPON since May 2020 (distribution)
Cie d'Elles since 2023 (distribution, production)
Raoul Lambert since 2024 (distribution)

Other projects we have accompanied: 

Cie Sylex since 2023
Cirquons Flex (2019-2022)
36 du Mois (2019-2022)
Blick Théâtre (2012-2022)
Collectif G.Bistaki (2010- 2021)
Compagnie Two (2016 - 2020)
Nicanor de Elia - Garage29 (2016- 2020)
Oktobre (2016-2020),
Piergiorgio Milano (2016-2018),
Les Güms (2015-2017),
La Collective du Biphasé (2016-2017),
Fet a Mà (2011 -2014),
Cirk’Oblique (2010 -2012),
Compagnie du Vide (2007- 2014),
Ieto (2007-2009),
Le Tennis (2006-2011),
Collectif Prêt à Porter (2004 - 2014),
Collectif Petit Travers (2004-2009),
Cie 111 (2001-2004),
Vent d’Autan (1999-2002),
Des Pas en Rond (1999-2007),
Vis à vis (1998-2001),
Les Acrostiches (1998-2009),
Genre de Cirque (1997-1999)