Cécile Bellan

Following her training in English and French as a foreign language,  Cécile meets Geo Martinez and Florence Meurisse, newly installed at La Grainerie in Balma in 1999. Along with working on the development of companies, notably at the international level, she participates in the structuring of the Acolytes production house. 
Along with her involvement with the companies, mainly as one responsible for distribution, she is involved in the union dedicated to the circus sector.     


Vanina Montiel

Following various experiences in different cultural environments -  Maison de la poésie in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (78), Ferme de Bel-Ebat (78) – she opts for a commitment to companies in order to be involved up close with artistic creation and its specificities. 
Starting out as public relations officer for the company  Vertical Détour,  she moves on to production and distribution for several contemporary circus companies   (cie Timshel, cie Toron Blues, Collective du Biphasé…).
She is currently working as a production administrator for the company Le Grand Raymond, along with her work in Acolytes office.



Barbara Jeanneau


Thomas De Filippo