To the Stars !

To the Stars !

Indoor show - To see with family, young audience and school - 45 min

To the Stars! is a show that tickles our old dreams of astronauts, weightlessness and space adventure in infinite space ... Up there in the universe, in the heart of a huge planetarium, two accomplices hang stars and planets to fill the space of the sky. Around a whirling cosmic machine, a sort of makeshift astrolabe, they do their job as best they can, preparing for the big takeoff. They take us on their adventures, from challenges to acrobatics, wandering through the marvelous and the fantastic, like improbable cosmic clowns.


Cast :

By and with: Damien Gaumet et Mathilde Sebald
With the exterior eyes of Fred Blin and Gildas Puget "Chtou"
Light design: David Debrinay
Costumes : Lucas Paddeu et Clémentine Chevalier

Contact diffusion: 

Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245