Les Butors (indoor)

Les Butors (indoor)

Premiered in 2015 – For all audience, from 5 years old  – 50 minutes long

Bird-brained, Les Butors perform a high flying courtship, perched 7 meters above ground on a deliciously spectacular invention : a huge rotating ladder, a diabolical merry-go-round inspired by wind mills and Wheels of Death. Yielding three hundred and fifty kilo of scrap iron, cleverness, precision and gracefulness…

These strange birds make the feathers fly in their preposterous ritual, combining unusual aerial foreplay, slightly saucy challenges, off-beat dance numbers, breath-taking flights and perilous balancing acts that give new meaning to living on the edge.

A virtuoso show, acrobatic and burlesque, in search of the rare bird, and the mystery behind amorous balance.


By and with Mathilde Sebald & Damien Gaumet
Staging : Fred Blin (les Chiche Capon)
Friendly onlooker : Laura Franco (cie Hopopop)
Costumes : Luca Paddeu (opéra Bastille)
Clémentine Chevalier (Chanel, Balanciaga)
Structual Concept : Pierre Garabiol (Transe express)
Administration : Thaïs Mathieu
Touring: Cécile Bellan

Production: Cirque Hirsute
With the help of: Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes, Conseil Général de la Drôme
Résidencies: la Central del Circ (Barcelone), La Cascade-PNAC-Bourg St Andéol, La Gare à Coulisse, le Théâtre de Die, La Grainerie/Balma


« It’s Chaplinesque, with incredible virtuosity and stupendous risk-taking. With a gracefulness as light as a caress, they invent a universe of winks,  spicy details, childish surprises, poetic pirouettes. (…) Clearly, with Cirque Hirsute, we are dealing with artisans of the impossible. With dream trekkers. » (Philippe Faure – former director of Théâtre de la Croix Rousse)

« Strange birds, these artists, always as inventive, year after year ! » Stéphanie Barioz – Télérama

Contact diffusion: 

Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245