All audience - 60 minutes

TUMULTE (Commotion) invites the audience into a family's intimacy: a father, a mother and their only daughter, a mischievous child of about ten. Following a recent upheaval, the couple is disintegrating, and the child feels pushed aside. She decides to bring her parents back together again by using every means at her disposal. In order to do so, she solicits the help of her uncle, a man filled with good intentions but dismayingly clumsy, as
well as that of her grandparents, an evanescent and whimsical duo. Together, they devise improbable schemes in attempts to revitalise this couple.
TUMULTE is a story of family and of love which questions our relationship to parenthood, to separation and to absence.
Since [hullu] the Company has developed its wordless theatre of false appearances in which humans, puppets and masks combine to creatie powerful, strange and poetical situations.

Cast :

Creation at the initiative of Dominique Habouzit - Matthieu Siefridt - Loic Apard
Stage manager and director: Dominique Habouzit
Actors/ puppet manipulators: Loic Apard - Matthieu Siefridt - Georgina Vila Bruch
Puppet manipulators/stage managers:Thaïs Trulio - Thierry Debroas and Manuel Butter (alternting)
Creation of puppets: Jean-Michel Caillebotte/Starpilot
Light creation and management: Thomas Marechal
Sound creation: Sébastien Guérive
Production & Distribution: Acolytes/Vanina Montiel

Production : Blick Théâtre

Coproductions :

L'Odyssée, Scène conventionnée de Périgueux, Pronomade(S) en Haute-Garonne, CNAREP d'Encausse-Les-Thermes, Production de l'explorateur, François Morel, l'Espace Jéliote, Scène conventionnée pour la marionnette, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, La 3'E saison de l'Ernée, MIMA, Mirepoix, l'Estive, Scène Nationale de Foix, Marionnettissimo, Tournefeuille, l'Archipel, Pôle d'actions culturelles de Fouesnant-Les-Glénants, Ax animations, Ax-Les-Thermes, La Maison, Scène conventionnée d'intérêt National Arts en territoire, Nevers.

Partners and residences :

Le Canal, Théâtre du Pays de Redon > La Grainerie, Fabrique des Arts du cirque et de l’Itinérance, Balma > Le Casino, Ile d’Yeu > Dommelhoff, Neerpelt (BE), Le Bestiaire à Pampille, Toulouse, Le pavillon Mazar, Toulouse.

With the support of :

DRAC Occitanie, Conseil Régional Occitanie - dispositif résidence association, Conseil Général de la Haute-Garonne, Mairie de Toulouse, ADAMI

Contact diffusion: 

Vanina Montiel
Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245