She doesn’t fit the norm, they keep trying to bring her back to it, with tenderness and sometimes a bit of annoyance. She doesn’t understand them. Overwhelmed, she retreats into her world -  an imaginary one peopled with strange little beings and where everything is possible. Friends or foes, these disconcerting characters seem well-suited to her whimsical spirit. But this escape into her familiar universe becomes an isolation, the shift from the real to the imaginary breaks down when the tiny cardboard houses turn into an insurmountable wall.

With matchless dexterity the actors manipulate the illusion at will, creating mirages that blur the frontiers between reality and hallucination, between the norm and the incomprehensible. The puppets claim their autonomy and we can’t tell anymore who is manipulateing whom, and which is the quirkiest. With Blick Théâtre, humans and puppets exchange volleys that disrupt our perceptions of strangeness and strangers. They juggle with pretence and pull us into a magical and disconcerting world where madness (hullu in Finnish) is as disquieting as it is spellbinding. 


Authors : Loic Apard, Johanna Ehlert, Sébastien Guérive, Dominique Habouzit, Thomas Maréchal & Matthieu Siefridt

Original concept : Johanna Ehlert
Director : Dominique Habouzit
Performers : Loic Apard, Johanna Ehlert & Matthieu Siefridt
Puppeters and Woman in Black : Élise Nicod
Illusion effects advisor : Étienne Saglio
Puppeter & Costumes design concept : Johanna Ehlert
Stage manager and light creation and engineer : Thomas Maréchal
Music composition & Sound design : Sébastien Guérive
Puppets design : Johanna Ehlert, assistée de Manon Dublanc & Élise Nicod
Costumes : Sabrina Marletta
Sound engineer : Julien Bordais
Fotos : Arthur Bramao
Production, Touring : Christelle Jung
Administration : Véronique Dubarry


Production : Blick Théâtre

With the collaboration of : Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Artistic Creation (DGCA) / Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) / Regional Directorate of Midi-Pyrénées – creation fund + artists resicences fund / General Council of the Department Haute-Garonne / City Council of Toulouse / ADAMI’s fund (Administration of Rights for Performing Artists and Musicians).

Coproductions and residences: L’Odysée, Public Theatre of Périgueux / Pronomade(s) in Haute-Garonne, National Street Theatre House / Dommelhoff – Theater op de Markt, Neerpelt (Belgium) / Socio-cultural Centre of Ramonville city / Théâtre du Vesinet / L’Archipel, Cultural Action Centre of Fouesnant-les-Glénan city / Ax Animation, Ax-les-Thermes / Act’en Scpene, La Bastide de Sérou / Théâtre du Fil de l’Eau of Pantin city.

Coproduction: Groupe Geste(s)

Residences: La Grainerie, fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance (circus art lab), Balma / l’Usine, Public Production House for the arts on the public space, Tournefeuille – Toulouse / Espace Roguet, Toulouse / La Palène, cultural development association of Rouillacais, Rouillac / Le Channel, National Theatre House of Calais / Le Casino, socio-cultural service of Ille d’Yeu / Les Atelier du Vent, Rennes / Circusstadt Festival, Rotterdam.

Contact diffusion: 

Christelle Jung

Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245