Bel Horizon - Creation 2020

Bel Horizon - Creation 2020

Bodies, objects and places have here their full place.

It is the creation of a new society. Men and women are here, as one body with their costumes.
A long skirt, a leather coat, a hat, curtain loops as subtle decoration.
The aim is to make this people ‘androgyn’, not to erase the gender, but to widen the way it is perceived and expressed and give it another meaning.
The will is therefore to create a people with its traditions, rituals and costume.

Collective writing and direction, interpreting : Katja Andersen, Marjorie Caillé, Florencia Demestri, Natalia Fandino, Julie Garnier, Florent Bergal, Sylvain Cousin, Francois Juliot, Jive Faury, Nicanor de Elia, Hugo Oudin, Guillaume Bautista

Le Collectif G.Bistaki, Artiste associé à La Verrerie d’Alès / Pôle National Cirque OCCITANIE
Coproduction La Verrerie d’Alès / Pôle National Cirque OCCITANIE