Choreographic and circus show for specific site

Creation 2010 - All audience

When exceptional artists perfect their art to such a point that the borders between body language, installation, dance and classical circus art are blurred completely; when it takes a second glance to realise that what is concealed behind flying handbags are juggling techniques which have been taken beyond recognition as a result of three swirling objects; when you watch incredulously how the domino effect works with roof tiles – ascending the stairs that is: Then you are in a performance by Collectif G. Bistaki. The five French jugglers, dancers and actors succeed in telling stories in pictures, creating a surrealistic world in an ordinary place.

Cooperatzìa: possible applications 

«The House»
A one day setting up, a 50 minutes performance.
This type of performance is sedentary and taking place indoor or in a building. As an example, a theater would be considered in its entireness.

«The Trail»
A two days setting up, a 1 hour and 10 minutes performance.
In a urban or rural setting, unusual in any case, Le Chemin (The Trail) is a scenic trail brought on in temporary seized  part of territory, where scenes and installations are placed. The audience is involved in the parade.

«The Village»
One week long installation. At least two shows.
This is the complete version of the “Cooperatzia” project. A vast and closed space is resided during several days. At night a trip through the Village takes place during 1 hour and 10 minutes.  In the afternoon the space is opened to the audience to participate in contemporary and rudimentary activities, for having a moment of calm and release. It’s a space for life, for exchanging ideas, constricting, destroying and contemplating. After the workshops the figurants/inhabitants will invade the place with G.Bistaki.  

By and with : François Juliot, Jive Faury, Sylvain Cousin, Nicanor de Elia, Florent Bergal.
Light creation : Hugo Oudin
Video : Guillaume Bautista
Stage Manager : Nina pire
Photos : Damien Bosis, JP Estournet, Michel Wiard
Administration : Véronique Dubarry
Production - diffusion : Christelle Jung

PACT - Pépinière des Arts du Cirque Toulousaine, dispositif mutualisé Lido – Grainerie, Coproduction circ que o !, L’Usine, lieu conventionné dédié aux arts de la rue – Tournefeuille (31), Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris, Parc de la Villette - 75).
With the support :
Préfecture de la Région Midi-Pyrénées / Drac Danse, Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées, Programme de coopération territorial Espagne - France – Andorre
With the sponsor of Terréal for teh tiles

La Grainerie (Balma 31), Mix'Arts Myrys (Toulouse 31), L'Usine (Tournefeuille 31), La Petite Pierre (Jegun 32), Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat (Usson-en-Forez 42).

Prix découverte, Festival de Ramonville (31) en 2009
Prix du Jury, Festival de courts-métrages Séquences à Toulouse en 2008

Press: / 16 août 2012
Theater op de markt, Hasselt, Belgique

Wherever the French company G. Bistaki goes with Cooperatzia it is highly successful. With what ? With nothing more than roof tiles and handbags. As silly as this may sound, this is the fascinating world G. Bistaki creates.

In Hasselt the group take over the Koninklijk Atheneum site. The dark silhouette of the school building is clearly visible against the background of the city which is never completely dark. Five men await us. Their silhouettes are all equally angular. Dressed in half-length grey coats with heavy epaulettes, they resemble mercenary soldiers from an as yet undiscovered Eastern Bloc country. From somewhere comes the sound of stones being crushed. The five men dance on a picnic table: A Russian Cossack dance in which the dancers juggle and lash out with handbags, with vodka flying in all directions. Silently and compellingly they then lead us on. Are we being enlisted in an army without knowing what battle is being fought?

On the playground a gigantic domino of russet-coloured roof tiles lands with a dull thud in a wheelbarrow. The five perform a war dance juggling tiles while the rest of the army, the audience, recoils in fear. However, just as suddenly the atmosphere changes and we see an almost charmingly ordinary familiar scene with people walking their dogs (in this case they are roof tiles on a string) and stopping for a neighbourly chat.

In Cooperatzia – as the title suggests – the audience is also a participant. And therefore responsible for the further care of these surreal pets. Grating and scraping we continue to walk our dog. We pass a cemetery with tiles as headstones, elsewhere the trees have roots fashioned out of roof tiles. By far the most stunning image is a field of roof tiles that glows red in the dark.

The five Bistakis march across the field: the hollow tiles begin to wobble. Tile by tile, row after row. The result is a field of shimmering light, a glowing carpet of coals. The final part of this strange journey is a dance performance in which a circus (juggling with roof tiles and handbags), modern dance, hip hop and visual art (dazzling projections) reinforce one another. And in which the individual tries to free himself from the group and yet is constantly pulled back into it.

Bistaki is an experience. It is a world in itself. An outdoor spectacle of an unprecedented standard. Having said this, compared to other dance productions the choreography could perhaps have been even more powerful (we immediately thought of Wim Vandekeybus’ What the body does not remember, in which the dancers juggle with bricks; a performance that will be rerun next season – fifteen years after the original), but in terms of the mixture of circus, dance, theatre, performance and land/urban art, Cooperatzia is already etched in our memories. Liv Laveyne

Contact diffusion: 

Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245