La Collective du Biphasé

La Collective du Biphasé

La Collective du Biphasé come from a necessity :  to gather women floor acrobats and share a poorly know circus tecnic. Cécile Fradet, Julie Tavert, Dorothée Dall'Agnola and Anna Von Grünigen decided to put themselves side by side and to work on a mutual way of looking at their practices and their movements.   

La Collective is like a new part of Cie du Biphasé, created in 2009 by Charles Rousseau and Cécile Fradet, around the creation of "Zirbut".
This first project was supported by the PACT, a french device for emerging circus projects. 

Created in 2015, la Collective du Biphasé wishes to propose a generous circus, sensitive and accessbile to the greatest number. La Collective also aims at asking the new writes of contemporary circus. Finally, it has a particular interest to the devellop two axis : the culture in rural places and the women place in the cultural field. 

The first performance, 12 ways or another (12 manières ou d'une autre), is based on floor acrobatics, balances, dance and theatrical play. A first form, of 50 minutes, born in June 2016 and can play as an exterior form. It's a dual with Cécile Fradet and Dorothée Dall'Agnola. 
In the automn of 2016, the team go back in creation time to develop a inside form, longer and more intimate. 

One of La Collective's will is also to participate to a research dynamique around the woman acrobat, especially by organizing artistic labs or workshops with women acrobats, but also resercher, authors... and all person interesting by the woman place in cultural field.