Hurricane's eye - creation 2021

Hurricane's eye - creation 2021

It is a fact, we manage in a bad way the only planet we have at our disposal.
Consciences are gradually awakening, but one day our children will have to be creative and courageous enough to fix what can still be done.
One day... because for now their role is to learn, to play, to dream, to laugh, to awaken their brains, their emotions, their imaginations, and to fully enjoy them before reality falls on them. Stealing this present from them would only build a future generation of anxious and unhappy adults who will quickly reproduce certain bad patterns. Yet the world in which they grow up is full of traps. Progress is omnipresent, becoming as dazzling as it is banal. Screens have invaded homes and robotics are getting into toy chests. Our ways of communicating, of moving, our hobbies, everything is constantly evolving, even overwhelmed. Each of these things is a terrible trap, but each of these things is also a great opportunity. Love, fascination and vigilance in the face of progress that overwhelms us like a hurricane, that is what the show will express in its own way. An area of calm (all relative) and wonder in the heart of the turmoil, in the eye of the storm, navigating with humour in a sea of artisanal science fiction. Wonderful and fantastic will be combined with the more classic codes of burlesque (found in Tati or Chaplin) with characters in conflict with objects.


By and with: Damien Gaumet et Mathilde Sebald
With the exterior eyes of Fred Blin and Gildas Puget "Chtou"
Light design: David Debrinay
Costumes : Lucas Paddeu et Clémentine Chevalier

Contact diffusion: 

Cécile Bellan
Acolytes - La Grainerie
61, rue Saint-Jean 31130 Balma (F)
T + 33 5 61 246 245