Blick Théâtre

Blick Théâtre

Loïc Apard and Johanna Ehlert work together since 1999, particularly for La Monstrueuse Parade of the company Remise à 9. Matthieu Siefridt joins them in 2005 for the collective creation of the show Court-Miracles. The three of them take part, as co-authors, of this collective creation with Lucie Boulay and Christian Coumin. Altogether, they set up Le Boustrophédon in 2006. After more than 500 shows in France, Europe and abroad, Court-Miracles continues touring nowadays. Further to this collaboration, Johanna Ehlert, Matthieu Siefirdt and Loïc Apard follow their artistic approach with [hullu] and then settle Blick Théâtre. Dominique Habouzit replacement of Loïc at Court-Miracles, enters the company as co-author.
Their previous shows tackle subjects such as monstrosity, the way other perceive us, the difference and human behaviour in extreme situations like war offering a tender and non-judgmental view of human nature.

Repertory show :

  • [hullu]


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